Videogame programmer

Always learning about new paradigms and technologies to apply right solution in the right place.

Hi there! I’m Joaquín Macías , although I’m known as: Quino. I’m a videogame developer with 2 years of experience. Throughout my career I have collaborated with my colleagues in their tasks in different areas such as state machines, elaborated artificial intelligence, design patterns… I constantly explore new technologies and resources to build creative solutions to concrete problems. I also teach programming classes at different levels.



Gine’s Quest

Go deep into the caves, pass the missions, collect diamonds to buy power-ups and defeat enemies in this Enedless Runner cotrolling Gine.

The Depths Watcher

3D simulation game created as a Final Year Project at EVAD Formación. Delve into the seabed and discover the secrets by capturing them with your camera.

Art Rescue

Game made for the sixth edition of Jam Open Culture 2023. Become an art restorer and get all the paintings by solving puzzles. Exhibited at the OXO Museum in Malaga as one of the best games.


Tower defense made for cell phones. Defend yourself from robots thanks to the turrets that you have to place.


Er GaTETE is a 2D game for the Global Jam 2024 of waves set in a world where only cats live.  Explore the city carefully and use your guitar against other cats to avoid being defeated.  Get powerups at the Miaurcadona and the local kiosk to become stronger.


Cargador de escenas

Cuando los proyectos en Unity crecen mucho y tenemos diferentes escenas, a veces se hace pesado buscar cada escena en la carpeta. Por eso hice esta herramienta, con «Ctrl + W» podrás abrir un menú para cargar o añadir la escena que quieras.